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School week done differently - balloon in the air

School week done differently

“School done differently” is a national program whose purpose is to contribute to the development of learning competence and socio-emotional abilities among pupils. This is a program dedicated to extracurricular activities. In this week, schools are doing their best to provide young people with the most exciting experiences of unconventional learning.

For one week, regular classes are replaced by special activities that parents, students and teachers can set up and organize together.

Activities are organized from Monday to Friday, and the number of hours spent together should be equal to the number of hours normally spent in classrooms. Students that miss “School done differently” will be absent in the catalog.

The National Program “School done differently” has a duration of 5 consecutive working days during the school year and can be organized on the basis of a plan that remains at the decision of the school.

School and Extracurricular activities

Applied sciences club

In the High school The Applied Sciences Club was founded – a free, non-formal framework in which students, along with teachers, learn about how science is applied in day-to-day life.

We care about life, too!

This activity involves growing plants in urban areas – mainly the interior of buildings, and is carried out over a longer period of time (1 semester). In this activity we learn about ecology, sustainability and how to sustain long-term activities.

Job interview

The idea of this activity started from the activities presented by our partners in the De-schooling project. Thus, we invite an HR specialist to simulate an interview , so that students can make a realistic picture of the world of work.

Erasmus+ project

Youth Bridges To Reach Efficient European Citizenship Awareness, who is partnered with Romania, UK, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Greece, –implemented in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years(2 years). Within the YBRECA project, the activities of the first year aimed, among other things, at raising students’ awareness of the European citizenship and multiculturalism. For teachers, the activities aimed at implementing new teaching methods in a European multicultural context.

Erasmus+ project

De-schooling in school: re-shaping school practices to bring motivation, grit and choice in disadvantaged youth learning, where our partners are from Romania, Ciprus, UK and Turkey, – in implementation in the school years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 (2 years). Within the project DE-SCHOOLING, the activities of the first year aimed inter connections for involving students in the community life at the school level and encouraging them to make decisions about the future. Modules were developed that mainly aimed at the development of entrepreneurial and life skills, as well as activities to stimulate creativity and self-knowledge. Moreover, due to episodic character of the activities, the students have learned to plan their activities in the medium and long term.

Project IPA

Guiding students towards successful careers through cross-border collaborations, in collaboration with Nikola Tesla High school in Vârșeț, Serbia, – in implementation in the school years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 (9 months). Within the project IPA ”Guiding students towards successful careers through cross-border collaboration”, the students in the two High schools have set up 10 practice companies and have been called cross-border entrepreneurship skill worthy.