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Mare lucru e sa stii! - Ioan Slavici
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Ioan Slavici High School Timişoara

The high school was founded within the Foundation for Culture and Education “Ioan Slavici”. We opted for an specialization that would ensure a qualification in the economic field, in order to address the needs of the labor market and to provide young graduates the possibility to find a job easier.

Since 2009, the high school is functions independently of the Foundation, but keeps strong relations with the Foundation-University “Ioan Slavici” and the partner institutions, like the Scientific and Technological Park Tim Science Park and Titus SRL. Since 2015, the high school is member of, the Ioan Slavici Association for European Integration (AIEIS) – the Cluster WESTTIM.

The specific activities to improve the quality of education are those carried out by additional training activities in the Romanian language and literature, mathematics, geography, history, and modern languages. These activities guarantee the improvement of the promotion percentage for the baccalaureate exam. The current assets of the “Ioan Slavici” High school support a sound educational environment in the economic field.

We want to offer pupils the most appropriate conditions for developing the skills necessary for an intellectual life and a successful career. And for those who wish to continue their studies, “Ioan Slavici” University promotes the same values and principals in intellectual and professional development for all those who want to build a future in the field of engineering and economics.

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Educational offer

creioane colorate

High school – Day classes

Specialization: technician in economic activities

Profile: services

Duration of study: 4 years

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High school – Evening classes

Specialization: technician in economic activities

Profile: services

Duration of study: 5 years

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creta colorata

Dual Professional Education

Qualification: merchant vendor

Domain: commerce

Duration of study: 3 years

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Why would you study at Slavici?

  •   you will be trained in economics
  •   you will obtain a qualification that allows you to find a job even without the passing the National Baccalaureate exam
  •   you will learn how to use tax and financial techniques, marketing, business negotiations and business promotion
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8 January 2019

The contest “Friends of Ioan Slavici”

On the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the birth of the writer Ioan Slavici, our high school organized the contest “Friends of Ioan Slavici”.

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7 January 2019

“Made for Europe” National Contest

Ioan Slavici High School proudly participated at the national competition “Made for Europe”.

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