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Student of the Month – Karla-Anita Catana

Karla-Anita Catana

Karla-Anita Catana is a student at our school since 2016. She excells in her Sciences and Computer (ICT) skills, as well as the English language. She is one of our best students, excelling both in her academic and personal pursuits.

She is actively involved in scholar and extra-curricular activities, from being a diligent student at the math, physics or ICT classes and also being a skilled team worker in school projects or a team leader in European-level scholar projects. She is a quick and motivated learner, ambitious and proactive. Her confidence and charisma, as well as her seriousness and determination, promoted her as schools Vice-President – being one of the most diplomatic links between students and teachers.

Competitions and contests

The contest “Friends of Ioan Slavici”

On the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the birth of the writer Ioan Slavici, our high school organized the contest “Friends of Ioan Slavici”.

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“Made for Europe” National Contest

Ioan Slavici High School proudly participated at the national competition “Made for Europe”.

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